How to Start A Podcast with No Audience? Here’s How to Do It Like a Pro

Start A Podcast with No Audience

Want to start a podcast but lack a listenership? No issue! Even if your podcast has no listeners, you can achieve success with our expert advice and tactics.

Starting a podcast may be a thrilling and fulfilling experience, but it can also be difficult, particularly if you have no listeners at first.

However, with the correct techniques and resources, you can start a profitable podcast and earn money online.


How to Start A Podcast with No Audience


Understanding the Basics of Podcasting

before getting started on your own. A podcast is a type of online audio programme that typically consists of a number of episodes.

Why Start A Podcast without Any Audience in 2023

Develop your brand.


By producing content that appeals to your audience, podcasting is a fantastic way to raise brand recognition and exposure.

In this field, you can establish your brand and assemble your ideal clientele. People will adore your material and be delighted by what you produce.

Reach out to your audience.


Using a podcast offers a special chance to establish a more personal connection with your audience. 

Using your voice can help you establish deeper connections and more powerful emotional connections with your audience.

Share your knowledge


Podcasting can be a useful tool for sharing your specialised knowledge and abilities with others.

You may establish yourself as an authority in your sector and draw in new clients or consumers by producing material that benefits your listeners.


generating more money


With chances for sponsorship, advertising, and product sales, podcasting has the potential to be a successful business in and of itself. 


You may add a new cash source and raise your overall income by monetizing your content.
Having fun

Last but not least, podcasting may be a fun creative outlet whether you’re enthusiastic about a certain subject or adore the content creation process.

You may express yourself and connect with people who have similar interests through podcasting.

How to Start a Podcast with No Audience

In recent years, podcasting has grown in popularity as a form of communication and entertainment. 

It can be intimidating to launch a podcast without any listeners, though. The good news is that starting from scratch and building a successful podcast is still feasible. The necessary procedures to launch a podcast with no listeners will be covered in this post.


Select a topic.


The best and most original topic selection is the first step that you concentrate on. You should look for a specialty that both you and many other people are interested in.

You can get a sense of what is already available and what you can do differently by researching existing podcasts on the subject you have selected. 

Look for market gaps and think about what special insight or knowledge you may contribute to the table.




You will need some basic equipment to begin recording your podcast once you have a theme in mind. An essential piece of equipment is a microphone. 

A USB microphone is simple to use and reasonably priced, or you can spend more money on an expensive XLR microphone. 

You’ll also need editing software to clean up your recordings and apply any necessary effects, as well as recording software to record your audio.

Develop a Plan


Planning your podcast is crucial before you begin recording. To stay organised, decide on the length and frequency of your episodes and make a content calendar. 

You can remain on schedule and make sure your content is interesting and educational by outlining your episodes ahead of time.


Produce a Podcast

Locate a quiet area before you begin filming to cut down on background noise. Purchase pop filters or soundproofing materials to reduce any unwelcome noises. 

Make sure to mentally get ready for the recording, take breaks as required, and keep hydrated.


Your Podcast Editing


Your podcast will be polished and professional if it has been edited. If necessary, add music or sound effects and take out any background noise or undesirable sounds. 

Compression and equalisation are additional audio quality-enhancing techniques.


Put Your Podcast Online

It’s time to publish your work once you’re satisfied with the edits. Pick a hosting service like Libsyn, Buzzsprout, or Podbean that meets your requirements and price range.

Create show notes for every episode including a synopsis of the material, any pertinent links, and resources. To attract potential listeners, advertise your podcast on social media and other venues.

Increase Your Audience


Although it takes time and work to grow an audience for your podcast, there are a number of tactics you may employ to get things going. 

Promote your podcast on social media and interact with potential listeners there. Work together with other podcasters in your specialised field to increase your audience and draw in new listeners.

Encourage audience participation and comments, and think about providing unique content or other enticements to keep people coming back.

Can you have a podcast without guests?


You can have a podcast without guests, yes. Many popular podcasts are hosted by a lone individual who discusses their opinions and beliefs about a particular subject. 

These podcasts are frequently referred to as monologues or solo podcasts. A different set of skills are needed to host a podcast alone vs one with guests. 

Without the assistance of a guest to help carry the conversation, you must be able to captivate your audience and maintain their interest.

However, a solo podcast may be just as interesting and educational as one with guests with the correct planning and attitude.

How to get your first 1000 listeners on a podcast?

  • Getting your podcast’s first 1000 listeners can be difficult, but it is achievable. To assist you expand your audience and hit that goal, consider the following advice:
  • On social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, advertise your podcast. Regularly share your episodes and interact with your audience.
  • Send out submissions for your podcast to several directories, including Apple, Spotify, and Google. 
  • Join forces with other podcasters in your specialised area. Ask them to be a guest on your podcast and guest on theirs. It can assist you in organically attracting new audiences.
  • Join forums and communities for podcasts. It can be a terrific method to market your podcast and network with other podcasters.
  • In order to encourage people to listen to your podcast, provide a free giveaway or promotion. It can be an effective approach to draw in new listeners and maintain their interest.
  • Encourage your listeners to post ratings on websites like Apple Podcasts by soliciting their input. Positive evaluations might increase your visibility and draw in new listeners.
  • Visit conferences and events devoted to podcasting. It can be a terrific method to market your podcast and network with other podcasters.
  • Keep in mind that developing an audience requires time and work. Keep your podcast’s content consistent, interact with your listeners, and advertise it on numerous platforms.

How to start a podcast for free on Spotify

There are a few steps you must do in order to launch a podcast on Spotify. You must first sign up for a Spotify account and validate your email address. 

The next step is to build a podcast cover image and upload your podcast episodes to the platform. To help your podcast show up in search results, you can also include tags and descriptions.


Can anyone start a podcast?


Regardless of their educational or professional background, anyone can launch a podcast. You can make a podcast about a subject that you are passionate about or in which you have knowledge. 

There are no particular indications that you should start a podcast, but if you have a special viewpoint or a message to spread, a podcast can be a terrific way to do it.


How to start a podcast on youtube


If you choose to launch a podcast on YouTube, the procedure is slightly different. 


Your podcast episodes must be uploaded as videos to a YouTube channel that you must create. 

To make your films more visible in search results, you may give them tags and descriptions.


Finally, there are several options to monetize your content if you want to profit from your podcast. To make money, you can sell products, provide subscribers access to unique material, or work with advertisers. 


Before thinking about monetization, you must prioritise producing top-notch content and growing your following.


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13-step for starting a podcast in 2023 


  1. Choose a theme and a target audience for your podcast.
  2. To find out if your topic and niche has a readership, do some research on them.
  3. Find out who your target market is and what interests them.
  4. Pick a name for your podcast that both conveys the subject matter and is simple to recall.
  5. Create a website for your podcast and buy a domain name.
  6. Select a platform on which to host your podcast.
  7. Purchase the tools you’ll need, including a microphone.
  8. Start by recording a few episodes.
  9. Your episodes should be polished.
  10. Create show notes and episode summaries.
  11. Make a podcast trailer for your show.
  12. Create the cover art for your podcast and upload it to your hosting service.
  13. Create accounts on social media for your podcast.

Conclusion: How to Start A Podcast with No Audience?

Although it may seem difficult to launch a podcast with no listeners, it is doable with the correct tools and approaches. 

To sum up, the following are the crucial steps to beginning a podcast without an audience selecting a subject.

acquiring the appropriate tools.

making a plan, recording your podcast, and editing it.

Can you launch a podcast without any listeners?


Yes, you may launch a podcast without any listeners. Although it may take some time and work to grow an audience, it is possible with the correct tools and techniques.


How do I decide what to cover in my podcast?


Pick a subject that interests you and has a following. Identify market gaps with your content by researching current podcasts in your specialty.


What tools do I require to launch a podcast?


A microphone, recording software, and editing software are required. Choose the alternatives that best suit your demands and budget from a wide range of available options at various price ranges.


How can I create a podcast?


Make sure you have a calm place to record and are mentally prepared for the recording session. Be sure to speak properly and to block out background noise when recording.


How can my podcast be edited?


To polish your content and eliminate any unnecessary background noise, use editing software. To make listening to your podcast more enjoyable, including music or sound effects.

How can I make my podcast public?

Write show notes, pick a podcast hosting service, and advertise your podcast on social media and through other marketing avenues.


How can I increase my audience?


To increase your audience, make use of social media, team up with other podcasters, and invite listener interaction.


How long should my podcast’s episodes be?


Depending on your topic and audience, the duration of your podcast episodes will vary. The average length of a podcast episode is between 30 and 60 minutes.


How can I make money off my podcast?


Your podcast can be made profitable in a number of ways, including through sponsorships, advertising, and product sales. Prioritise gaining a devoted following and producing worthwhile material; revenue-generating opportunities will come later.

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